Efforts are underway to "Lift Up Lockport" through the proper recognition of Aaron Albert Mossell, Sr. and his family. 

This grassroots effort brings together community members who all have a genuine interest in following through on the appropriate acknowledgement of Aaron Mossell's legacy.  The focus is on preserving and sharing his history and historic contributions.  

What's happening now?
At the first meeting on 3/3/2016 approximately 18 individuals came together and worked with the talented facilitator, Skip Helfrich, to identify areas that the attendees deemed most important.  Skip rearranged and discussed individual contributions on their sticky notes.   
YOU ARE INVITED to the next meeting will be held on April 13, 2016 at 6:30PM at The Niagara County Historical Society (Niagara History Center) at The Outwater Memorial Building, 215 Niagara Street, Lockport, NY