Internal Profile

Lesson: Internal Profile

  • Students take an internal profile survey to gain an understanding of their basic needs (Love & Belonging, Power, Fun, Freedom, Survival) as a person. (Glasser, 1998 & Erwin, 2012)
  • Students receive a bracelet representing their highest profile.
  • Students participate in a jigsaw activity to find out how to "Feed Your Need" in school!
  • Students use the feelings worksheet and SMART Board lesson to evaluate positive and negative feelings.
  • Student groups (based on their highest basic need) will create a poster teaching others about their highest basic need and present their learning to the class.
  • Have students use our internal poster worksheets to help them with their posters.
  • Students place a sticker representing their highest basic need on their "All Kinds of Kinds" picture in the hall.
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